Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tango Series in Newport with Mike Eblen

Spread the word: Mike Eblen is back in Newport Oregon later this month to teach a series of classes withhis new partner Jeanine VanSise.

Check out these Argentine Tango lessons that will be offered there July 26, 27th and 28:
  • Class 1, Friday, July 26th 7:00pm -  Nice Beginnings and Memorable Resolutions. In this class we will find ways to expand our appreciation of when a dance begins and ends and how we can facilitate a more enjoyable experience for our partner. 
  • Class 2, Saturday July 27th 1:00pm -  Finding My Axis, Your Axis and Our Axis. Start your Saturday with exercises help strengthen the awareness that you have of your balance as well as your partner's.  We will explore how to maintain stability as the dance becomes more challenging.
  • Class 3, Saturday afternoon 2:30pm -  Making Sense of Musicality. It's no secret that tango music is rather complicated, with all the layers of sound, how can we begin to dance with the music?  Mike and Mari will help make sense of this challenging topic. 
  • Class 4, Sunday 1:00pm -  Taking Turns to the Next Level. What would a weekend class series be without covering what is arguably the hardest part of tango, turns!  There will be wisdom and guidance for all regardless of skill level.
  • Class 5, Sunday 2:30pm -  Deepening Connection. Finish off this weekend class series with Mike's favorite(and most popular) class.  We will be finding ways to make the steps we are familiar with feel exponentially better.
Classes are $10 a la carte, registering for the full weekend costs only $40.  All classes will be accessible for dancers of any experience level.

Classes are at Heather's house:
567 SE Vista Dr Newport
for more information or to schedule a private please contact Heather :
hjoyh at me dot com
About Jeanine:
Jeanine VanSise began dancing tango, by accident, in 2007 and has not stopped since! She first studied Tango with Vicky Ayers and Elizabeth Wartluf at The University of Oregon, but has since taken advantage of the chance to study with teachers from all over the world. She feels most fortunate for the chances she has had to study extensively with Dominic Bridge, Rebecca Rorick-Smith, and Kara Wenham & Javier Antar. Most of the time you will find Jeanine DJing or dancing in Eugene or Portland, but she did have the chance to spend a Summer studying and dancing in Argentina.

In 2009 Jeanine took on an active role in the Eugene tango community when she took over both the Beginning and Intermediate tango classes at The University of Oregon. Jeanine also was the DJ and co-host of Eugene’s popular Milonga Entre Suenos with Carmela Hill-Burke for four years.

When teaching, Jeanine emphasizes the chance to connect both to a partner, and to music. While technique and strong fundamentals are emphasized in her classes she finds that her strength is helping students find both a love for the dance, and a love for connecting with a variety of partners. Jeanine is a teacher outside of tango, and because of that students comment that her classes are accessible, full of passion, and create a warm, comfortable, environment for learning.

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