Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The philosophy of Tango Dance

Buenos Aires, Argentina time showed at 17.00 a few hours again I will enjoy live tango dance. Chanta Cuatro in a restaurant in downtown Buenos Aires. Tango dance is a traditional dance from Argentina, the dance that combines compactness as well as exotic a movement being performed simultaneously. Every beat combined with typical accompaniment music, well a new spectacle in life and my experience. Interesting!!! I was so excited to watch this tango dance directly. Dance may be as long as I see through the glass screen. Immediately I rushed ... for the bath.

Exactly at 18.00 the car which takes me to the restaurant chanta cuatro has been waiting in the lobby of the Hilton hotel. I rushed down to immediately head to the restaurant. Carlos Gardel is the name of the area I was going to go, it was said in this area is the place to dance tango. Here is the headquarters of tango dancers who are experienced in Argentina.

Passing through city areas in Argentina gave a picture of a country that is so excited. Imagine in pinggiran2 café I watched so many people danced with such passion. Tarian2 tango can be seen around the streets of Buenos Aires. Replica Evita peron's former first lady of Argentina ever plastered building in downtown Buenos Aires. Finally we arrived at Chanta cuatro. The atmosphere of the restaurant is similar to the usual telenovela2 I see in the glass display. Not how long they start serving dinner entrees.

Along with the arrival of food, the curtains at the front desk we were open. Looks hand over some player music complete with its launch of the show. The beat and very typical tango music began to sound. While the dancers began to enter the stage! Wonderful, a sensational experience I was having. Music interspersed with dances that the longer the more adrenaline that makes my feet ever join the stamping. Sexy tango dancers began to perform the action. Combined with the typical steak and wine Argentina. I so enjoy a night full of new experiences for me.

The end of the show, I am reliving a philosophy of tango dance. An idiom that says "it takes two to tango" reminds me of the sense of the importance of a co-operation in any case. As is the case in the tango dance is so enchanting and sensational. You need the cooperation of both parties. Such a beautiful night and a dance that was so riveting.

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